Hazet 2128N-1 Accessories

Hazet 2128N-1 Accessories

Hazet 2128N-1 Accessories


The Hazet 2128N-1 is a versatile and reliable tool that is widely used in various industries. To further enhance its functionality and efficiency, Hazet offers a range of innovative accessories designed specifically for the 2128N-1. These accessories are meticulously crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and precision.

Main Accessories

1. Hazet 2128N-1 Extension Bar:

The extension bar is an essential accessory that allows you to reach confined spaces with ease. It provides additional length to the Hazet 2128N-1, enabling you to access bolts and nuts that are otherwise difficult to reach. The extension bar is made from high-grade steel, ensuring strength and durability.

2. Hazet 2128N-1 Socket Set:

The socket set is a comprehensive collection of sockets that perfectly fit the Hazet 2128N-1. It includes a wide range of socket sizes, allowing you to tackle various tasks with precision. The sockets are made from chrome vanadium steel, providing exceptional strength and resistance to wear.

3. Hazet 2128N-1 Carrying Case:

The carrying case is designed to securely store and transport the Hazet 2128N-1 and its accessories. It features a durable construction with foam inserts that protect the tools from impact and ensure organization. The carrying case also has a comfortable handle and secure latches for easy transportation.


With the Hazet 2128N-1 accessories, you can maximize the potential of your toolset. These innovative add-ons provide convenience, versatility, and durability, making your work more efficient and effective. Invest in the Hazet 2128N-1 accessories and take your toolset to the next level.