Hexeal IPA 99.9% | 10L | Lab Grade | Isopropyl Alcohol | Isopropanol 99.9%

Hexeal IPA 99.9% | 10L | Lab Grade | Isopropyl Alcohol | Isopropanol 99.9%

Hexeal IPA 99.9% | 10L | Lab Grade | Isopropyl Alcohol | Isopropanol 99.9%

Hexeal IPA 99.9% is a high-quality isopropyl alcohol that serves various purposes. It is widely used as a solvent and cleaning fluid due to its excellent properties. Here are some of the key features and applications of this product:


Hexeal IPA 99.9% is a pure and concentrated isopropyl alcohol solution. It is commonly used in industries and laboratories for its exceptional solvent properties. With a high purity level of 99.9%, it ensures effective cleaning and dissolving of various substances.


One of the primary applications of Hexeal IPA 99.9% is in electronics. It is an excellent cleaner for devices such as disk heads, lenses of lasers in optical disc drives, and contact pins. Additionally, it effectively removes smudges, dirt, and fingerprints from phones and tablets, ensuring a clean and clear display.


Hexeal IPA 99.9% is a powerful grease remover. It easily dissolves glue, grease, ink, and varnish, making it an ideal choice for various cleaning tasks. Whether you need to remove adhesive residues or clean surfaces from stubborn stains, this isopropyl alcohol solution gets the job done efficiently.


With its versatile nature, Hexeal IPA 99.9% can be diluted and used as a household cleaner. It effectively sanitizes surfaces, ensuring a hygienic environment for you and your family. From kitchen countertops to bathroom tiles, this isopropyl alcohol solution provides a thorough and reliable cleaning solution.


In today’s world, hand sanitization is crucial for preventing the transmission of viruses and maintaining personal hygiene. Hexeal IPA 99.9% can be used as a hand sanitizer, ensuring that your hands are disinfected and free from harmful germs. Its quick-drying formula makes it convenient for regular use.

Please note that Hexeal IPA 99.9% is strictly for industrial and household use only. It is not intended for human consumption.

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Hexeal IPA 99.9% is a versatile and high-quality isopropyl alcohol solution that offers numerous benefits. From electronics cleaning to grease removal and household sanitization, it proves to be an essential product for various applications. Ensure to follow the instructions and safety guidelines provided to make the most out of this powerful cleaning solution.