SUN-STAR 140 Piece Sticky Notes – The Perfect Study and Planning Companion

SUN-STAR 140 Piece Sticky Notes – The Perfect Study and Planning Companion

SUN-STAR 140 Piece Sticky Notes – The Perfect Study and Planning Companion


Are you tired of disorganized notes and messy study sessions? Look no further! Introducing the SUN-STAR 140 Piece Sticky Notes, the ultimate tool for studying and planning. With their compact size and versatile designs, these sticky notes will revolutionize the way you organize your thoughts and ideas.

Main Features

1. 7 Unique Designs

With 7 different eye-catching designs, these sticky notes add a touch of creativity to your study materials. Whether you prefer vibrant colors or elegant patterns, there’s a design for every taste. Say goodbye to boring and monotonous notes!

2. Convenient Index Tabs

Never lose track of important information again! The SUN-STAR Sticky Notes come with handy index tabs that allow you to easily locate specific pages or sections in your notebooks or textbooks. Stay organized and save time!

3. Compact and Portable

Measuring at just W3.15 x H4.45 x D0.31inch (8 x 11.3 x 0.8cm), these sticky notes are compact and lightweight, making them perfect for on-the-go studying. Slip them into your bag or pocket and have them ready whenever inspiration strikes!

4. Versatile Usage

Whether you need to mark important passages in a book, jot down quick reminders, or create to-do lists, these sticky notes have got you covered. Their adhesive backing ensures they stay in place, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many sticky notes are included in a set?

A: Each set of SUN-STAR Sticky Notes contains 140 pieces, providing you with ample supply for all your note-taking needs.

Q: Can these sticky notes be easily removed without leaving residue?

A: Absolutely! The adhesive used in these sticky notes is designed to be easily removable, leaving no sticky residue behind.

Q: Are these sticky notes suitable for use on different types of paper?

A: Yes, these sticky notes adhere well to various surfaces, including paper, textbooks, and even computer screens.

Q: Can I write on these sticky notes with different types of pens?

A: Certainly! These sticky notes are compatible with most pens, markers, and highlighters, ensuring your notes are clear and legible.


Don’t let disorganization hinder your productivity. Invest in the SUN-STAR 140 Piece Sticky Notes and experience the power of efficient note-taking and planning. With their unique designs, convenient index tabs, and compact size, these sticky notes are the perfect study and planning companion. Get yours today and take your organization skills to the next level!